Commercialising research discoveries to combat climate change

Nguồn trích dẫn:  trang 17, Business Envoy March 2017, link download toàn văn tại đây. (.pdf file)

          Dr Vo Thi Hanh and her colleagues from the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology have established a private company, Phuong Nam Biology, to commercialise their research discoveries. Dr Hanh’s research has discovered ways to biologically treat the waste water pollutant from ethanol to produce microbial fertilisers that reduce chemical usage and probiotics for animals and aquaculture, improving their feed conversion ratios.

With support from the Australian-funded Vietnam Climate Innovation Center, Phuong Nam Biology is scaling up the production of fertilisers for licensing to ethanol factories. The company is also helping Vietnam to address climate change by developing a commercially viable model for treating waste water without using chemicals or energy.

Lê Tấn Hưng

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